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MAG: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes “Determined” to Find Suri Friends

Gossip Cop

“Tom & Katie Help Suri Make Friends,” reads the headline of a piece in Life & Style that claims, “After years of taking their daughter all over the world for their film projects, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are… determined to see their 5-year-old make friends.”

According to the tabloid, on August 8, the celeb couple enrolled their supposedly friendless daughter in a class at New York’s Chelsea Piers sports complex. However, says a so-called “eyewitness,” after Suri “refused to play with the other kids… they assigned a counselor to help her come out of her shell.”

Life & Style says that move clearly worked because two days later Suri was on the set of “So You Think You Can Dance,” where her mom was a guest judge, and she “sat in the audience with two girls and a boy, and they held up a sign that said, ‘We love you, Katie.’”

Let’s examine this report…

The mag first claimed Suri needed a “counselor” to help her make friends at a sports complex in New York, and then two days later brought three new friends to “So You Think You Can Dance” in L.A..

So now Suri is so adept at making friends, she’s meeting little kids on the East coast and getting them to fly out West with her for TV tapings?

Not only is the story a complete fabrication, it’s illogical as well.

Of course, this is the same tab that has repeatedly reported wrong stories about Suri and her folks.

Nevertheless, Gossip Cop reached out to Cruise’s rep, who said the entire magazine piece about Suri is totally “false.”