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Tab Falsely Claims Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes “Battling Over Baby”

Gossip Cop

“Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ story-book marriage is imploding, fear friends – because she won’t give him another baby,” begins a piece in the National Enquirer.

The supermarket tabloid reprints, without any attribution, Holmes’ quotes from the October issue of Marie Claire, where she addresses whether she’ll have another child.

She told the women’s mag, ”Maybe in a couple of years, but right now I want to make sure I’m really there for Suri.”

That comment, says the Enquirer’s source, caused Cruise to go “ballistic.”

“I think he’s furious because not only has Katie backtracked on a long-standing promise to produce another child,” claims the source, “but she’s embarrassed the fiercely private actor to no end by saying so in the magazine interview.”

Adds that same supposed source, “It’s a standoff. Either Tom or Katie is going to give in, or the marriage is done for.”

Oh, how we wish these ridiculous stories were done for.

If the tabs aren’t falsely claiming Holmes is pregnant, then they wrongly allege she’s fighting with Cruise over the subject.

All of it is total nonsense.

Holmes saying “maybe in a couple of years” in no way means, as the Enquirer puts it, that she has “no plans to have another child.”

So, by the Enquirer’s reasoning, they’ll start caring about accuracy in “a couple of years,” meaning they really have “no plans.”

It’s a shame the Enquirer rather use Holmes’ own words to build a misleading story, instead of simply reporting the truth.