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'I try not to put the focus on looks': Katie Holmes talks teaching beauty to Suri


Katie Holmes has revealed that she plans on making sure her six-year-old daughter Suri is oblivious to make-up for as long as possible.

"As a mother, I'm pretty much imparting what my mother and grandmother taught me," she said. "We'll have fun with lip gloss and all those things, and my daughter will grow up and wear it like we do, but I try not to put the focus on looks.

"It's definitely more about running really fast and reading, that sort of thing," she added.

Katie, who is the first celebrity face of US cosmetics line Bobbi Brown, hasn't always shown an interest in make-up. But she has developed an understanding of its power to provide confidence.

"While you don't want to walk around depending on your beauty, it's nice to have products out there that help when you haven't slept enough, or if you're going into a big meeting and you're a little nervous," she said.

"It might be that tube of lipstick that gives you the extra dose of confidence you need. Women in this day and age handle so much, and I think those little things really matter."