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Watch Katie Holmes dance in stunning music video

Holmes stars in Rusty Truck’s new song.

By Maria Loreto


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Katie Holmes is not only an actress, writer, and director. Her new project shows off her dance moves, performing alongside dancer Benjamin Freemantle for a music video.

The clip shows Holmes and Freemantle dancing along to a country song. While only a snippet has been released, it’s clear that the dance number is elaborate and that it features multiple skilled dancers. Holmes is seen wearing a black top and dancing on a moving bed.

The video was published on Mark Seliger’s account, where he shared that it was made for his new song, released under the name of his band, Rusty Truck. “Proud to release my third record under @rustytruckband. Here’s a look into the first single “Ain’t Over Me.” Starring Katie Holmes, Benjamin Freemantle, and an incredible cast of dancers. More to come on Monday, December 5th. Stay tuned,” he wrote.

Seliger is a photographer and someone who’s worked with Holmes in the past. He’s photographed her on numerous occasions, most notably, for Rolling Stone magazine in the year 1999, when Holmes was one of the breakout stars of the TV show “Dawson’s Creek.

Holmes continues to work on her projects and expand her artistic work, recently sharing that she’s one of the writers featured in Zozia Mamet’s new story collection. She shared the achievement on her Instagram, writing, “I am so honored to be a part of this collection of stories that my talented friend Zosia Mamet invited me to be a part of. Please come join us next week to talk about food and memories.”

In the near future, she’ll be releasing her film “Rare Objects,” which she wrote, starred in, and directed, and is scheduled to star in a new project directed by Ilene Chaiken.