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Exclusive Poster from SXSW Film 'Mania Days' is Like a Psychedelic Dream

Bipolar poets make sense of love and sanity in SXSW film 'Mania Days.'

By Elle Leonsis

In the upcoming "Mania Days," set to premiere at SXSW March 13-22, Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby play bipolar poets, Carla and Marco, who fall in love with each other when they wind up in the same psychiatric hospital.

The intensity of their highs is matched by the severity of their lows, leaving them in a whirlwind romance that gets in the way of their recovery. How do these lovers hold onto their creative genius that the other inspires in them while trying to recover? If the poster is any indication, we know that it will be a passionate and bittersweet process.

From the writer of "Faith, Love and Whiskey," "Mania Days" marks Paul Dalio's directorial debut. Look out for "Mania Days'" at the SXSW Festival to find out what happens to these tortured artists.