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Tribeca 2016 Women Directors: Meet Katie Holmes - 'All We Had'

By Laura Berger | Women and Hollywood

Katie Holmes' acting credits include "Touched With Fire," "Woman in Gold," "Ray Donovan," "Batman Begins" and "Dawson’s Creek." "All We Had" is her directorial debut.

"All We Had" will premiere at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival on April 15. 

W&H: Describe the film for us in your own words.

KH: "All We Had" is a coming-of-age story for both of its central characters -- a mother and daughter. Their journey bbegins when they are living in their car. While they face economic challenges together, they also confront their ever-growing and changing relationship with each other and themselves.

W&H: What drew you to this story?

KH: This film is based on the Annie Weatherwax's novel "All We Had." I opened the book and I was drawn to this story because of the authentic characters and their struggles. I also liked the subtle humor and was drawn to these people's lives. 

W&H: What do you want people to think about when they are leaving the theater?

KH: I want people to walk away from this film with more empathy for others. And hopefully with a greater understanding and patience for what people endure because of circumstances that are out of their control. You never truly know what is going on in someone's life.

W&H: What was the biggest challenge in making the film?

KH: The biggest challenge in making this film was stamina. Directing and acting at the same time requires an extra amount of energy than just acting. So, yes -- the physical and mental stamina [was the hardest part].

W&H: How did you get your film funded? Share some insights into how you got the film made.

KH: Our film was funded by a single investor. We were very fortunate to have support from this investor who believed in us from an early stage in the creative process.

W&H: What's the best and worst advice you've received?

KH: The best advice I have received is to listen to all suggestions that are given but to also have confidence and trust in my own instincts. 

The worst advice I've been given? I don't know -- I really try to not hold on to negative things people say.

W&H: What advice do you have for other female directors?

KH: My advice to other female directors is to spend a good amount of time preparing on your own so that your vision is very clear. Pick a good team to surround yourself with and be very clear with your vision to all of the department heads so that everyone knows the goal and everyone can do their best work. 

And have fun in the process. Directing is such a gift because of the opportunity to collaborate with so many talented artists. Enjoy every minute of it.

W&H: Name your favorite woman-directed film and why.

KH: I love Jodie Foster's work and Sarah Polley's work. These are two women who inspire me. I remember when I watched Foster's "Little Man Tate." I loved the warmth and intelligence of the film. Such heart.