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The Girl Next Door

Suri Cruise Doesn't Want Anything to Do With Katie Holmes's Wake-Up Ritual

It involves Jennifer Lopez.

By Christopher Luu

Morning routines can seem daunting and dreary, but Katie Holmes has the perfect remedy for that pre-caffeine a.m. slump. Just dance. Holmes said that her perfect wake-up activity is a dance party and that she tries to have one as often as possible. She's got major opposition, however — from her daughter, Suri.

"I love a dance party," Holmes said. "I try to do one every morning to wake up my child, but she has rejected that."

Holmes's inspiration? Jennifer Lopez. Before her cover shoot, Holmes sent a message to InStyle's Laura Brown telling her that she was prepared to shimmy into the interview like Lopez at the Super Bowl. "I just need some knee pads and a little Versace number," Holmes said.

The theme continued, with Holmes explaining that she was completely enamored by Lopez's costumes at the big show. It's probably safe to say that Holmes, who popularized cashmere bras as a go-to uniform for running errands, isn't wearing Versace while her morning coffee brews. But, she's always got a little bit of Donatella on her mind.

"I'm not going to lie, I thought J. Lo's costumes during the [Super Bowl] halftime show were absolutely incredible," she said. "I watched her [Instagram] story where they were putting on all the Swarovski crystals."

But Lopez isn't the only artist that gets Holmes up and moving. During her shoot, Holmes was blasting Radiohead the entire time, proving that, yes, she does indeed have the range. No word yet on whether or not Suri is jamming along to "Creep" and Kid A, but there's no doubt that soon, Lopez and Radiohead will make it into Holmes's morning playlist.