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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes Explains Her "Simplicity Is Best" Style Philosophy

By Jonathan Borge

Katie Holmes never fails to tap venerable designers like Zac Posen for her stunning red carpet appearances. And though the 36-year-old actress regularly drops jaws in either glamorous gowns or just a simple jeans and tee combination, her style philosophy boils down to the basics.

"I wear what I like. I tend to wear stuff that I own. I don't work with a stylist so it's really, my style is influenced by real people and friends," she told InStyle. So what's her secret to always killing it at A-list events like the Golden Globes and Met Gala? "I just like to be well covered, it's essential. I like to go pretty simple on the red carpet. I think it's really fun. Sometimes I think simplicity is best. It's more my personality. I don't like to spend that much time worrying about that."

The actress, who's set to make her directorial debut in All We Had ("It's way more challenging because you're in charge of the whole thing and it's your vision—it's wonderfully exciting," she said of the project), also has a strict, yet easy-to-follow beauty regimen that evidently delivers her radiant glow. "I wash my face every night and exfoliate. I use Olay Regenerist and I use Alterna's Caviar Anti-Aging Overnight Hair Rescue ($38; sephora.com) at night, so it's more prevention-based."

As for her diet, don't be fooled into thinking her recent #foodcoma Thanksgiving post is a regular occurrence. "I drink a lot of water. I try to be really disciplined about that and I try to eat a lot of vegetables, I really do! I'm on the kale bandwagon, I'm not gonna lie."