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Tom supports Katie at her Broadway debut

In Touch Weekly

September 18, In Touch was on hand for Katie Holmes' Broadway debut in "All My Sons." And although her husband Tom Cruise has been noticeably absent in the past months, he demonstrated that he is still Katie's biggest fan. After the show ended, Tom — who sat quietly in row H, seat 101 the entire time — made his way backstage and was overheard gushing about his wife. "I loved her performance. I really enjoyed it!" Tom said as he chatted — and even posed for pictures — with the fans. "The play was very powerful." An onlooker adds, "Tom was the first one to stand and start clapping when it ended. He and Katie even made eye contact. She looked relieved to have finished the first night."

Katie's official reviews haven't come out yet, but audience members were ready to gush. "I thought Katie was excellent!" Alexa Haines, 22, from Philadelphia tells In Touch. "I've liked her since Dawson's Creek, but now she has such stage presence; I never would have known!" Alexa adds, "I'm an actress and I felt her emotional journey was very on par. I think she'll do really well. She had a great connection with the actors."

Jen Wilson, 25, from New York was slightly more hesitant before warming up to Katie's part. "Honestly, it was much better than I thought she was going to be," Jen tells In Touch. I didn't really love her character but she performed really well. If she was nervous, you couldn't tell. I definitely didn't notice any mistakes." She adds, "But what I was thinking most of the time was 'how did she get muscles like that?'"

Perhaps the most unlikely guest in the theatre was Andrew Morton, the recent author of "Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography." "She handled the stage and moved very well," Andrew tells In Touch. "She was a little stiff at times, but she was up against some big Broadway stars," And, while waiting for a glimpse of Katie after the show with the rest of the crowd, Andrew took out his own camera and added, "This reminds me of the Diana days or even the Beckhams."

Also there for Katie's opening night was actor Dustin Hoffman. "When Tom came in he went right up to Dustin and gave him a huge hug. The audience went crazy over that!" an onlooker says of the pair.