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Actress Katie Holmes unwittingly photoshopped into ad for new cafe in London

London Evening Standard
By Sophia Sleigh

Actress Katie Holmes photoshopped into the advert

Actress Katie Holmes has been unwittingly promoting a new cafe in south-east London after she and her daughter were superimposed onto one of its adverts.

The Hollywood star, 39, and her daughter Suri Cruise, 12, featured in a CGI image on a billboard in Plumstead Common, which was used to advertise the new Slade Café that opened this month.

The picture showed the pair appearing to enjoying the space around the cafe, which was built in an unused block of early 20th century public toilets. But the photograph was actually taken in New York in 2012.

It is the second time the photo has been used to promote new-builds in London. Last year, the same picture was superimposed on an advert for flats in Croydon. The two Photoshop gaffes involved different architects.

Katie Holmes, 39, and her daughter Suri Cruise, 12, featured in a CGI image on a billboard in Plumstead Common

Nick Smith, 37, who lives nearby, spotted the cafe image during the summer. He said: “I walk past every morning on my way to work ... You wouldn’t expect to see that on the billboard advertising a new cafe. It’s just funny — I thought it was maybe the architect having fun.”

A Greenwich council spokesman said: “The artist’s impression used on the hoarding of the newly opened Slade Café in Plumstead was supplied to the council in good faith by the architecture practice who designed it.

"The Royal Borough of Greenwich would be delighted to invite Katie and her daughter to the Slade Café for a free coffee to say sorry.” 

Project architects Potter claimed they did not know how Holmes’s image was used because the CGI was created by someone who has now left the firm. Holmes has been made aware of the use of her image, but has not commented.