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Katie forced to diet!

Life & Style Weekly

Walking from her trailer to the set of her new movie, "The Extra Man," in downtown NYC on March 5, Katie Holmes didn't bother stopping for a bite. But she did pause when a reporter from Life & Style asked her about her favorite NYC restaurants. At the moment, the answer appears to be none. "As you can see," Katie said, holding up a drink, "I'm on my liquid diet right now." That afternoon, she began a five-hour film shoot at Stand, a neighborhood burger joint, that went until 9 p.m.

Though there were plenty of breaks, Katie, 30, didn't once indulge in solid food, according to the restaurant's manager, Peejay Bodoy. "I was shocked at how skinny she was," Bodoy tells Life & Style. "During the entire time she was here, I did not see her eat anything -- not a morsel. After five or so hours, I would have been famished!"

But Katie, who's looked shockingly sallow and thin lately, may be learning to live with hunger. New reports claim the star is on a Scientology-dictated detox diet known as a purification rundown -- and it may be leaving her miserable and even malnourished. If Katie is participating in the practice, it could be to prepare her body for another baby. Scientology researcher Rick Ross also suspects it's at the urging of her husband, Tom Cruise, a longtime devotee of Scientology and one of its most powerful leaders. "Tom may be telling her it's good for her, that there's some reason she needs to be doing it," Ross tells Life & Style.

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