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Katie Holmes Splurges On Vintage Gloves

Life & Style Weekly

Katie Holmes took a break from the set of her new film "Miss Meadows" ("Tootaloo") last week to do some fun shopping.

The star was spotted, along with daughter Suri, at the Winds of Change Boutique in Chagrin Falls, OH splurging on some one-of-a-kind vintage gloves.

"Katie picked up some really cool vintage lacey gloves we over dyed in summer pop colors." A boutique employee tells Life & Style.

Said one eye witness who was there:

"Katie bought two pairs of vintage gloves, a purple and a yellow pair, at $100 each. They are one-of-a-kind vintage Victorian driving gloves. She spotted them right away and had to have them. Suri also adored them so I wouldn't be surprised if Katie let her try them on. She loved the purple ones. Katie has never been in our store before but she was so kind to the entire staff, and so was Suri. We hope they visit us again soon."

It may be a while before little Suri gets to wear Mommy's gloves. The 7 year-old reportedly broke her arm this weekend.