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Katie Holmes had trouble acting emotionless in "The Giver"

Metro News
By Ned Ehrbar

Katie Holmes is the first to admit that she found the idea of playing one of the citizens in the sci-fi allegory "The Giver" a bit of a head-scratcher as far as acting exercises go.

“It was a really challenging role to play because it’s this utopian society, this alternate reality. There’s no emotion, there’s no pain, there’s a great deal of security and safety, but to play that as an actor is interesting because we like to emote,” she says. “They don’t have any emotions, but I think that they’re human after all, so I always believed that the characters were capable of love.”

Of course, the pedigree of the project — based on Lois Lowry’s award-winning, best-selling young adult novel — didn’t hurt. “I heard about the project and I heard it was (director) Phil Noyce and Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep,” she says. “I was not familiar with the book, so I read the book along with the script and I thought it was a really powerful story.”

While it’s been 16 years since Holmes shot to fame on "Dawson’s Creek", the actress has no regrets about finding success so early. “I feel really lucky for all the opportunities that I’ve had. I think it’s great to start young because you learn the business quickly. It’s exciting,” she says.

And she still keeps up with her co-stars, she insists. “I just saw Michelle (Williams) in Cabaret. She’s amazing in it.”

What else would Holmes like to do in theatre? “I’d like to do The Cherry Orchard. I’d like to do Dollhouse,” she says.