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Katie Holmes' Secret First Pregnancy

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Those who barely remember “American Pie” star Chris Klein, let alone that he dated the current Mrs. Cruise, will be nonetheless shocked to learn that he may have impregnated Katie Holmes long before she met Tom.

“Shortly after his relationship with Katie ended, Chris and I had a heart-to-heart,” some guy claiming to be Chris’s friend recently told the National Enquirer. “We were having dinner at Cafeteria, a restaurant in New York’s Chelsea district, when Chris blurted out: ‘Dude, you know I got Katie preggers.’”

“There was a long silence,” remembers the guy National Enquirer claims passed a polygraph test. “I realized Chris had said more than he had intended. My next thought was: What happened to the baby?”

Chris never said, the National Enquirer reports. “From the look in Chris’ eyes, I realized this was highly personal,” his highly perceptive pal shared. “I didn’t want to probe any further.”

“Chris never brought it up again,” added his empathic buddy, “but I know he must be reminded of Katie’s pregnancy every time he sees her daughter, Suri.”