K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Josh Duhamel Has An Intimate Dance With Katie Holmes
In Our EXCLUSIVE 'Romantics' Clip

MTV/Hollywood Crush
By Terri Schwartz

Yesterday we brought you a look at Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes in "The Romantics," with promise of more Sundance goodies to come. Well today we have made good on our promise with an exclusive clip from the movie, taking place a bit after the drunken revelry showed in the first clip.

Here, Josh's character Tom convinces Katie's character Laura to help him practice his wedding dance for the big day.Tom and Laura have had a history, creating an awkward love triangle since Laura is the best friend and maid of honor for Tom's bride-to-be, Lila (Anna Paquin). Seems like Lila has something to worry about considering the intimate nature of Laura and Tom's dancing.

We can't quite make out what Tom says under his breath to Laura that makes her respond, "Let's not talk about that now," but we're assuming it's not something a groom should be saying to a woman who's not his bride on the days leading up to his wedding. Tom's final line in yesterday's clip was "So you missed me?" and his final line in today's clip was "So you forgive me?," which leads us to believe this might not be the romance we're all secretly gunning for.