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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes Explains How To Deal With The Paparazzi The Right Way

MTV/Hollywood Crush - Video
by Amy Wilkinson

If you'd heard of Katie Holmes' new film "The Extra Man" long before its Sundance Film Festival debut this week, it's probably thanks to those rascally paparazzi constantly snapping shots on the New York-based set. It seems one could hardly read a blog or tabloid last February without seeing pics from the production. While some movies nearly come to a grinding halt because of the flash bulbs (ahem, "Remember Me"), Katie credits her directors and costars with helping her to remain on point.

"I'm able to focus," Katie told MTV News when asked if the paparazzi distracted her. "It was wonderful because Bob and Shari are such great directors and Paul Dano is such a great actor and Kevin Klein and John C. Reilly. We were all a team and trying to make it a great movie. So it was really all about that."

Kudos to Katie and Co. for working through a tough situation. Perhaps they can be consultants on Robert Pattinson's next film.