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Katie Holmes' toy wish

MyPAEK Magazine - UK

Katie Holmes and little Suri must have lots of fun playing with dolls together.

Katie has always loved Barbies and playing with toys so doesn't mind when Suri takes her dolls and pram with her on days out.

Playing with dolls was more important to Katie than acting when she was growing up.

She told the new York Times: "I was a little slow to grow up. I played with Barbie dolls until my friends said it was time to put them away.

"They'd say, "You know, there are boys coming over." It was sad: I had 30 Barbies, 3 Skippers, 2 Kens and 1 Midge. I had the Barbie plane, the Barbie house, the Barbie pool, and I really like all the accessories.

"We had a pretty large basement in our house in Toledo, and we'd create elaborate Barbie setups. It would take all day, and then we'd get bored."

When Katie was asked when she started performing she replied: "I was always watching Vogue by Madonna and Janet Jackson's videos, and I decided I wanted to dance. I was 13, which is kind of old to start. But I threw myself into it: I started dancing four times a week.

"I'm the kind of person who, when I decide to do something, it kind of takes over. I competed in all-girl dance competitions...but I never joined the drama club at my high school. I was too shy."