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Katie's Rage War With Caroline Kennedy Explodes!

National Enquirer

KATIE HOLMES is furious with CAROLINE KENNEDY, blaming the former first daughter for torpedoing her miniseries, "The Kennedys" - a project Katie believed would breathe new life into her stalled career.

And now the actress is ordering hubby Tom Cruise to use his Hollywood clout to resurrect the TV history drama, in which she plays Jackie Kennedy and get the series aired on another network.

"Katie is absolutely seething!" a longtime Cruise family friend told The ENQUIRER. "She's convinced Caroline personally sunk The Kennedys.'"

And she'd be right as The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that both Kennedy clan heavyweights Caroline and Maria Shriver helped put the kibosh on the miniseries

Before filming began, Katie repeatedly reached out to Caroline, Jackie's daughter, hoping to get some inside family knowledge about her character.

But Caroline snubbed her, refusing to return Katie's calls.

Now Katie's disappointment has turned to anger toward Caroline, who she believes worked behind the scenes to have the project pulled off the air.

Katie feels Caroline, 53, "acted out of pure spite" and had the project yanked "just because she could."

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