K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door


Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Snowy Mountain Rescue

The National Ledger
By Jennifer Cox

Tom Cruise and the fabulous Katie Holmes can now add hero to their résumés. In Touch Weekly reports that in late December Tom was driving his Hummer near his home in Telluride, Colorado, with his wife, Katie, and his three children, Isabella 15, Connor, 13, and Suri, 21 months.

Hubby and wife saw a woman who was stranded when her vehicle ran off the road. An onlooker tells In Touch, "The police were waiting with the woman for a tow truck and all of a sudden, a Hummer pulled up and it was Tom Cruise!” He and his bodyguard helped push the woman's car out of the snow.

The weekly entertainment magazine reports that the famous family had spent the holiday week frolicking in the snow. “We ski. We have big dinners and laugh,” Katie says. “We love cooking. Tom’s really good in the kitchen. He makes great pasta carbonara and lemon pasta.”

Is there anything he doesn’t do well? Tom regularly rescues damsels in distress on the big screen. Tom and Katie, 29, wished the woman a happy New Year as they drove away.