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Katie Holmes On Beauty Advice To Suri And What Itís Like To Have Braces As An Adult

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Itís not every day you get to sit down and talk all things wellness and beauty with actress Katie Holmes, but with her role as Global Brand Ambassador for Alterna Haircare, we were able to do just that. What beauty advice would she give to other women (and her daughter, Suri)? How did it feel to have braces on Ray Donovan? The actress spills allÖ

How do you define beauty?

I think there are many definitions of beauty. I look at beauty as specific to time. I think that we have really beautiful moments in our lives. When I look at beautiful moments of the past itís like, when my child was born, or when I felt great about myself for this or that Ė graduations, those sort of hallmark moments. I think those are beauty moments. Collaborating with great artists, for instance, is really special. I think what is fun about the beauty industry is that you take those real life moments and recreate them through different products and designs. In creating an image, we try to create that feeling that it is very real.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

By taking care of myself, and through diet and exercise. I eat a lot of vegetables and drink a lot of water, which makes my hair grow really fast. You know, Iím a creative person, so whenever Iím being my most creative Iím happiest. And I think that makes someone feel beautiful, so thatís important to me.

What are some of your morning and nightly beauty regimens?

Well, Iíve been using the new Alterna oil cream pre-shampoo treatment, and then the shampoo and conditioner and itís made my hair really soft and shiny. I use a lot of this Alterna kendi oil for fly aways, especially in the summer when my hair is air drying. I exfoliate every night and use Olay Regenerist. [Iím very] minimal day-to-day.

How do you always start your day?

By pressing snooze, multiple times! I wash my face in the morning, and have a good breakfast. I love pancakes. I make them at home.

Is there a beauty mainstay that hasnít changed since your Dawsonís Creek years?

Sweaters and jeans. Itís so cozy. I had to put on a dress [earlier] and I was like, ĎNo!í (laughs) I love my sweaters.

You had braces on Ray Donovan. Was that a weird adjustment for you? Did you have them as a kid? It was just such an interesting character choiceÖhow did that feel for you?

I agree with you Ė I thought it was an interesting interpretation of a characterís vulnerability. It was really the creator of the showís choice. They were kindof like a retainer, but I liked it. I never had them as a kid, but just having that feeling of something that was just kindof stuck there Ė and made it hard to talk. I liked the juxtaposition of her being this really strong but incredibly vulnerable woman.

Advice to women looking in the mirror and getting dressed in the morningÖ

I really donít say anything to myself in the morning, but itís good to have mantras. I like to approach every day thinking that itís going to be a great day, I really do. I focus on the good things, because I have found that it does really work and it does lead to more good things. It isnít easy to be a woman. What I see in the mirror are a lot of imperfections. You beat yourself up. And you compare yourself to what? To your former self, to your future self, to everybody that you see in a magazine Ė all ideals that are very hard to maintain. No mirrors! Dim the lights! (laughs) I really try to not give into that negativity and just focus on whatís happening today, and say ĎOh Iím going to work on thatí and ĎIím excited about thatí. Iíd rather live in that space. Itís hard!

Our Mom always taught us to stay out of the sun. Do you feel like you have one beauty/wellness tip that youíll pass on to Suri?

Well weíre big kale eaters, both of us. And, being happy I think and really enjoying life is something I try to instill every single day. You can see it in people when theyíre happy and doing what they love.

Where do you go to pamper yourself?

What I love about New York City is that I donít have a specific place, but if I have an hour I can walk by a mani/pedi place and hop in. Itís such a luxury to not have to make an appointment Ė because weíre busy! Being a woman is very busy. And these days, even having time for a spin class or something is kind of a luxury.

In the same vein as the new black in fashion, whatís the new potato right now?

Itís December 1st, so holiday earrings are on my mind. Holiday earrings and a holiday party nail!

*Katie Holmes, photographed at The Standard East Village in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann.