K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

New face of old glamour

New Straits Times - Malaysia

Hollywood actress Katie Holmes speaks about beauty and her cosmetics collaboration with Bobbi Brown.

How has travel influenced your beauty outlook?
I definitely have an appreciation for the beauty rituals from different cultures, thanks to all my traveling. As I get older, I realise that each personís journey in life really depicts their beauty.

Are there any beauty looks you love but find intimidating to do on your own?
If I could wear false eyelashes on the corners of my eyes every day, I would, but I canít apply them myself. I love the look of a cat eye but whenever I try it, the liner always ends up all over my face.

How would you define your look for the Old Hollywood collection campaign?
Well, itís classic Old Hollywood. I have serious lashes, and thicker eyeliner. Itís definitely elegant. I equate Old Hollywood with a look thatís more formulated. Itís about seeing the effort. Modern Hollywood is more about everyday chic.

Which three women in your life embody power and beauty?
From Michelle Obama, Bobbi Brown, Alicia Keys, my mother, my aunts and my sisters and, of course, my friends. The list is ever-changing. Women who work to better themselves and the world around them every single day ó those are the women I find the most inspiring.

When do you feel the most confident?
When Iím doing good work, or when Iím with friends who inspire me.

How do you stay grounded in the glamorous world you occupy?
Itís exciting to be a part of the glamour, but I remember that itís a business and that glamour is created for business. I remind myself that I have the life I want. I live in the city I want. And I find happiness in what I have.

How do you find balance?
I donít think Iíve really achieved balance yet. Like most women, Iím constantly busy. Writing things down before I forget them definitely helps. ó ???