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Suri Cruise: I want to be famous as well

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' four-year-old announces she wants a singing career

Now Magazine - UK

Suri Cruise wants to be a singer like her idol Willow Smith

Suri Cruise has shocked and worried her knackered mum Katie Holmes by asking when she can have her own music and movie career.

Worried Katie, 31, has told friends she's terrified that Suri's growing up too fast.

The four-year-old diva in the making, who counts Armani and Burberry as her favourite labels, has a whopping six wardrobes to house her clothes, which include a £1,300 D&G fur coat and a £1,800 pair of custom-made Louboutins, bought by Katie this summer.

But after saying she wanted her own fashion collection, precocious Suri has now turned her attentions to her ‘big BFF', Will Smith's daughter Willow, and is desperate to have a singing career like hers.

The Cruise and Smith families have been friends for years and since 10-year-old Willow signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation record label this year and her debut single "Whip My Hair" reached No 11 in the US charts, insiders say Suri is growing impatient and is desperate to copy her idol.

‘Suri trails round after Willow whenever she sees her,' reveals a family friend.

‘She's four going on eight and she knows exactly what she wants. She loves Willow's song and is desperate to start getting in front of the camera herself.'

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