K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door


Katie a Holmes Depot-type mom

New York Daily News
By Laura Schreffler and Sean Evans with Shallon Lester

Katie Holmes loves daughter Suri, husband Tom Cruise and . . . Home Depot?

“I’ve been to the Depot many times with other moms. I know how to push a cart. I’m not a wimpy girl,” Holmes is quoted as saying in a new book about celebrity moms.

That’s not all. The actress’ interview in “The Black Book of Hollywood Pregnancy Secrets” is oddly revealing. Her quirkiest comment? When the starlet denied worrying about Suri’s terrible 2s. “I just hope she’s not looking at me thinking, ‘Mom, are the terrible 30s coming on with you?’” Holmes says.

And perhaps Mrs. Cruise spends a little too much time in the aisles of home-improvement stores: She’s taken to critiquing the lumber on jungle gyms. “We were in Berlin and I was impressed with their playgrounds. It’s amazing what you become aware of as a mother. You think, ‘Nice wood on that swing set.’”