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'Kennedys' flick needs a sponsor

New York Post - Page Six

Stan Hubbard, CEO of ReelzChannel, bought "The Kennedys" for around $5 million from the History Channel after that net work spent $30 million to make it and then dropped it because it was taking heat from Kennedy allies. "Advertisers are afraid of it, yes, but it's ridiculous," Hubbard told us of the eight-part miniseries starring Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes and Tom Wilkinson. "I think the media interest will be hotter, they are going to say . . . 'Why were people afraid of this?' . . . So, with apologies to the Kennedy family, this shouldn't be controversial." Hubbard, who has yet to nail down a sponsor before the April 3 premiere -- Cadillac withdrew when the History Channel sold the series -- said, "The his torical accuracy and the quality is way beyond expectation." He said he hasn't heard any complaints from the Kennedys. But, "I've heard directly from big advertisers . . . [who say] 'This is too politically hot, I can't risk polarizing consumers.' I'm not political, but has anyone said the Sarah Palin movie shouldn't be made?"