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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes spills her NYFW survival secrets

New York Post
By Tashara Jones

Katie Holmes took a break from her mommy duties to toast Joe Zee being named the new style ambassador for Old Navy. So how does she survive Fashion Week?

“Fashion Week can be hectic and tiring, so I carry around flip-flops from time to time,” the actress told us Thursday. “If you are running around, I go with the flats. From time to time I walk around with flats in my purse. But I always feel like I am going to get caught, because I change into them outside of a restaurant.”

She also weighed in on the growing trend of men wearing high-heeled shoes: “It’s nice to see men dressing up and wearing uncomfortable shoes,” she said. “I feel like, ‘Good . . . come in. Welcome to the pain!’ ”