K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes' Scientology stop

New York Post - Page Six

Katie, look out behind you! After escaping her marriage to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has been publicly showing us that she’s just a normal single mom in the city, even hopping on the subway at West 23rd Street this month. But Chelsea spies tell us that at the very same station where Katie hopped the E train, a series of posters has gone up advertising Cruise’s favorite religion, Scientology. “Searching for answers to life?” the poster says above a hunky Cruise lookalike staring at the Empire State Building from a balcony. “Scientology. Know yourself. Know life,” the poster says. A source told us that the poster campaign does appear in other subway stations, too, but, “at all the hundreds of stations in New York, this is the one where three Scientology posters went up.” Perhaps they are trying to lure her back. Chelsea resident Holmes, who is prepping for the opening of her Broadway play “Dead Accounts” next month, hasn’t been spotted riding the rails since she was snapped earlier this month.