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Holmes On Holmes

Mrs. Cruise talks marriage, motherhood and building a successful acting career

Ottawa Sun
By Jane Stevenson

Actress Katie Holmes, the wife of Tom Cruise and mother of their 20-month-old daughter, Suri, says paparazzi intrusion into the private lives of TomKat -- as the couple is known in the tabloids -- just comes with the territory.

"I married the biggest movie star ever -- it's fine," said the Toledo, Ohio-born Holmes, 29, this past weekend while promoting her new comedy, "Mad Money" (in theatres tomorrow).

Of the often-printed tabloid stories she said: "I'm aware of what's out there, of course. There's lots of paparazzi, lots of attention."

But when asked directly if she would read Andrew Morton's controversial and unauthorized Cruise biography, which came out earlier this week and includes claims that the movie star is the world's No. 2 Scientologist, she declined to comment.

"I'm here to talk about this movie," said Holmes, who often hesitates before speaking calmly and deliberately during the course of a 20-minute interview.

For the record, a lawyer for Cruise, a longtime Scientology devotee, has painted the book as "outrageous, sick stuff and filled with old lies."

Any ongoing TomKat controversy aside, Holmes' first post-marriage-and-motherhood film will be of interest to the masses.

Instead of reprising her role from 2005's Batman Begins in the anticipated summer blockbuster followup, The Dark Knight, she chose to do Mad Money instead for the opportunity to act opposite Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah and be directed by Callie Khouri, the screenwriter of Thelma And Louise.

"I thought it was a very funny script," said Holmes of the plot about three U.S. Federal Bank Reserve employees who decide to pull off a heist. "I liked the three main characters in the movie. I thought they were real women."

But were there any nerves given Keaton's well-established comedic abilities?

"You're damn right," said Holmes, stylishly dressed in a Oscar de la Renta ensemble of crisp white dress shirt, white and black checked pants and black high heels with her brown hair cut into a short bob. "I was appropriately nervous but it was very exciting and she's so generous and such a pro. I just wanted to make an easy day for everyone."

The two actresses, who were interviewed side by side, appeared to be members of a mutual admiration society.

Keaton described Holmes as a compelling beauty, "because I could just look at her all the time. You can just get lost in a face sometimes and I did get lost in her face and that was fun for me. But besides that there's this quiet intelligence and there's this quiet curiosity."

Holmes' "Mad Money" character is an iPod-addicted free spirit who lives in a trailer with her meat-packer husband (newcomer Adam Rothenberg).

In other words, it couldn't be farther from Holmes' reality since she got married to Cruise in a lavish ceremony in an Italian castle in November 2006 after he proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Holmes, who got her first big break on TV's "Dawson Creek" (1998-2003) before notable roles in such diverse films as "Wonder Boys" and "Thank You For Smoking," said marriage and motherhood hasn't dampened her desire for a successful career.

"I feel the same inspiration that I've always felt to work and do good work and becoming a mom really awakens you to a lot of things. And one of them is, there's that constant -- is this good for everybody, and what is this saying to her (Suri)?" Holmes said. "And I think that's a normal thing to feel. So it's even more that motivation to do a good job and to keep working."