K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

‘A.P. Bio’ creator Mike O’Brien lobbies for ‘Katie Holmes Day’ in Toledo

By Oli Coleman

At least one Ohioan is calling for a holiday to be named in honor of Katie Holmes.

Mike O’Brien, who created the Peacock show “A.P. Bio,” grew up in the same town as Holmes and says that her rise to fame has become the stuff of legend there. “Growing up and going to Catholic schools in Toledo, it’s like almost a [holiday already]. Katie Holmes was revered; she was two grades below me at my sister’s school,” O’Brien said in a 92Y talk.

“We were all very aware when she got ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ ” He created a Katie Holmes Day in his show, and added, “There isn’t an actual holiday, but our hope is now that there will be. Toledoans should pick an arbitrary day and make this real!”

Damian Holbrook of TV Guide moderated the talk and noted that there would be “a Katie Holmes Eve!”