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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes, Ben Affleck to Sizzle at Sundance

By Jennifer Garcia

This year the Sundance Film Festival showcases small films – but big stars, including Kristen Stewart, Katie Holmes and Ben Affleck.

• While husband Tom Cruise is filming new movie "The Hardy Men" on location in Los Angeles with Ben Stiller, Holmes will be in Park City, Utah, to promote two films: "The Extra Man," with John C. Reilly and Kevin Kline, and "The Romantics," with an all-star cast including Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin and Elijah Wood among others.

• On the hot list at the festival – is "The Runaways," a biopic about Joan Jett's '70s band, starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. On Saturday night, the real life rocker played a show, and invited Stewart and Fanning up onstage.

• Affleck is in town for a short trip to promote his film, "The Company Men," which costars Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner.

• Already earning approval from audiences is Adrian Grenier's "Teenage Paparazzo," which documents the true story of a relationship between a 14-year-old paparazzo and the "Entourage" star. The film offers an intimate look at the paparazzi and how celebrity culture influences this particular teen and his family.

• Other notable names expected at the snowy festival are: Michelle Williams for "Blue Valentine," Naomi Watts for "Mother and Child," Orlando Bloom for "Sympathy for Delicious," American Ferrera for "The Dry Land," Adrien Brody in for two films: "Splice" and "High School."