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Exclusive: Why Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are Still So Secretive

By Dana Rose Falcone

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been spotted holding hands in Malibu and gazing into each other’s eyes at a pre-Grammys event. They even celebrated his birthday together in December.

But the Dear Dictator actress, 39, and the “Blame It” singer, 50, continue to try to keep their relationship as quiet as possible.

“Jamie and Katie’s relationship is not a secret but they both like to keep it under the radar,” a Foxx source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “They have nothing to hide but Jamie, especially, is very low key about his life in general, and rarely talks about it. He is not one to acknowledge anything about his private life and neither does Katie.”

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Foxx and Holmes were first spotted dancing with one another in the Hamptons in 2013, one year after the All We Have director split from Tom Cruise following six years of marriage. Since then, they’ve mostly spent time together at one another’s homes in Los Angeles and avoided the spotlight.

“They are happy, they just don’t flaunt anything,” the insider continues. “Jamie will always go out of his way to stay discreet. That is his way, and it works for him. If they could stay secret forever, Jamie would be happy.”

Another source close to the pair says that Holmes and Foxx don’t want to put a label on what they have.

“They don’t see themselves as a couple in the traditional sense and they don’t want to be labeled as a couple,” the source reveals. “They don’t want to have expectations placed on them about how they should be acting in public, how often they should be seen together and what they should or shouldn’t mean to each other.”

Right now, the duo continues to keep things relaxed between them.

“What Katie and Jamie have works for them because it’s completely easy,” the insider adds. “When they can be together, they are. There are no obligations, no requirements. They aren’t focused on what’s next or what the future holds. They are content simply knowing that they enjoy each other’s company and have a good time together.”