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The Girl Next Door

Suri Cruise Charms 'Romantics' Cast and Crew


Suri Cruise‘s fan following just got a little bigger: the cast and crew of "The Romantics" have been won over by her charm!

The 4-year-old — who was a regular on the set while Katie Holmes was filming — had no problem making friends, Mom’s costars reveal.

“We all shared her,” jokes Malin Akerman at the movie’s New York City premiere on Tuesday. “We drew, we played hide and seek, we played dogs and cats, ate cupcakes together.”

Actors Elijah Wood and Adam Brody were equally captured by Suri’s outgoing personality. “Adorable, super sweet,” Wood raves, with Brody adding, “She’s a charmer!”

And while some spent time playing with Suri — including producer Ron Stein who “brought her Silly Bandz … cars, dinosaurs, and princesses” — others like Rebecca Lawrence took the opportunity to sneak a peak at her sense of style.

“She’s very creative,” Lawrence says. “She had great little outfits, like she had this beautiful red coat that fit her perfectly, and it was so stylish. And I wanted one in my size.”

However, despite all of the attention Suri receives, actor Josh Duhamel insists she is no different from any other little girl. “She’s very sweet. She just wants to play, what is she? Four, five?” he explains. “They make her out to be this girl who’s much older than she is. But she’s a four or five year-old girl, she’s just fun.”

– Anya Leon with reporting by Jeffrey Slonim