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Katie Holmes Is the New Face of Olay! See Her First Photoshoot

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It’s been more than 10 years since Katie Holmes first played a fresh-faced teen on Dawson’s Creek, but her skin hasn’t aged a day. Which is why we weren’t surprised to hear that she’s been tapped by Olay to be the brand’s newest spokeswoman. The actress shared a look at her photoshoot for the skincare line, as well as answered some of our pressing questions about her beauty routine and the craziest thing in her medicine cabinet.

First and foremost, Toledo, Ohio native loves Olay because “it’s an Ohio company, so it feels like home to be working with them,” she tells PEOPLE. “They really mean something to women. I remember buying Olay in high school because I wanted to look pretty.”

These days she strives to “feel beautiful on the inside and outside,” which she achieves with exercise, water and the brand’s Regenerist cream cleanser — though not every night, as she admits that going to sleep without washing her face is her one skincare weakness.

And while she says she never has done a wacky skincare treatment in her life, if you opened her medicine cabinet you might be surprised to find “a lot of Riccola cough drops for theater and they’re kind of old. They’re kind of like candy!” (Don’t say that too loudly around Suri!)

The star got glam for her ad with Serge Normant and his team, which you can see in the behind-the-scenes photo above. And while we had a feeling that a girl who answered “yum, more please” to the question “Baked, mashed or fried?” might be pretty fun to hang out with on set, the photos of her goofing off seem to confirm that.

Are you excited for this new partnership? Loving the photos?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Andrea Lavinthal