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Katie Holmes and Suri ‘Watch the Debates Together’:
‘It’s So Powerful’ for My Daughter to See Hillary Clinton


Suri Cruise is #WithHer.

With the upcoming election quickly approaching, Katie Holmes and her daughter are spending time together cheering on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“We watch the debates together,” Holmes, 37, told PEOPLE at Quaker’s Oatober launch event at OatMeals on Monday in New York City. “It’s wonderful to have my 10-year-old see a woman up there doing well and being very clear and thoughtful in her responses and in her passion for what she wants to do for our country. That’s so powerful for a 10-year-old girl to see.”

Holmes, who shares Suri with ex-husband Tom Cruise, says watching Clinton has been empowering and inspiring.

“Obviously, it means so much as a woman to have the first woman president, but more importantly, she’s incredibly qualified for the job,” she says. “I believe in her, I feel her — and she has always worked so hard for children. I believe that our country will be taken care of with her as president.”

Holmes recently shared a post by Amy Schumer, which compared magazines and exposed ingrained sexism. For her, Holmes says there is more to be done to combat these social norms.

“I think that it’s important that boys and girls focus on what they want to do in life and what their passions are and finding those passions at a young age,” she says. “It’s important to focus on that as opposed to how they look and what they have. That’s what I focus on [with Suri]. It’s about school, extracurriculars and being proud of achievements and not the way that you look or what you have.”

She adds, “We have to make sure that girls know their power and grow up being empowered and knowing they can be scientists and teachers and doctors and lawyers. I think more importantly we really have to focus on education for everyone in our country.”

Holmes recently wrapped filming for her role as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the upcoming mini series, Kennedys After Camelot.

“People out there have a personal connection to the family and then there’s so many fans of her,” she says. “I’m a huge fan. So there’s a level of responsibility, but you feel that with every role. You want to create some sort of reason to tell the story.”

— Blake Bakkila with reporting by Shay Spence