K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

The 5 Words That Inspire Katie Holmes

By Kate Coyle

Katie Holmes opens up about starting over, her life as a single mom and finding love again.

Sorry, Elsa Katie Holmes has a slightly different take on the year's most viral mantra.

"A friend sent this to me it's a Zen proverb: Let Go Or Be Dragged," she tells PEOPLE. "I think that's so great. People just need to stop taking themselves so seriously, and just relax and yes, let go, or you'll find yourself just so dragged down."

And as she gears up for a new chapter in her life, the star, 35, has a Zen attitude about outside negativity.

"I really just don't care," she says emphatically. "A lot of good things have happened to me, more good than bad, so I focus on that, and the other things that get focused on by the press or whoever I'm just not that interested."

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