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Katie Holmes Is Cooking Her First Thanksgiving Turkey — with David Letterman's Help


Cooking your first Thanksgiving dinner can be seriously stressful, but fortunately for Katie Holmes she has her mother — and David Letterman — to help her out.

During her appearance on the The Late Show Monday night, Holmes told Letterman that this year she’s cooking the big meal for the first time.

“I’m very excited because this year I feel like it’s really the year,” she says. “I’m the baby of five and I’ve been sort of using that for a long time but now I’m taking responsibility and my mother’s going to teach me how to make a turkey.”

Letterman offers her two ways of cooking the 15-pound bird she’s already ordered.

“You can roast it or a lot of people boil it in hot oil,” he says. “I wouldn’t recommend that.”

But the former Dawson’s Creek star wasn’t convinced. “Oh, deep-fried is so good,” she says.

Holmes, who recently told PEOPLE, “I don’t take myself that seriously,” also said she plans to whip up her mother’s stuffing recipe, though she isn’t exactly sure what’s in it.

“It’s like breadcrumbs, sage, salt and pepper,” she says. “What else?”

Watch the video the find out all the Thanksgiving advice Letterman has to offer her.

—Ana Calderone