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Mark Seliger Collaborates with Katie Holmes and Twyla Tharp in New Music Video for 'Ain't Over Me'

"The film for 'Ain't Over Me' was the intersection of so many art forms (music, cinema, theater, dance)," Seliger tells PEOPLE of the project

By Shafiq Najib

Mark Seliger is putting his talents to great use both in front and behind the camera.

The Rusty Truck frontman and noted photographer debuted a new music video he directed for his band's track "Ain't Over Me" featuring Katie Holmes and choreography by Twyla Tharp. The collaboration is an introduction to the band's upcoming album and the visuals portrayed a stirring exploration of unrequited love.

"There's a few different paint brushes that helped carve these new songs. The film for 'Ain't Over Me' was the intersection of so many art forms (music, cinema, theater, dance) alongside my very talented friends Katie Holmes and Twyla Tharp," Seliger, 63, tells PEOPLE.

"Being able to direct this film and collaborate with Twyla and her awe-inspiring dancers, and of course with Katie, was the perfect casting for this all-encompassing, theatrical experience we wanted to create. I can't imagine a better way to set the tone for our new album coming out next year."

Holmes, 43, who starred alongside Benjamin Freemantle in the film, said she enjoyed the creative process to execute the project, telling PEOPLE, "Working with Mark and Twyla together was this profound creative experience where I felt like I was able to be the embodiment of a phrase of the poem they carefully crafted together."

"I learned so much about the power of movement through a lens and how that movement hits different notes of the emotional life of the characters creating this enchanting balance of beauty and layered human feelings," she explains.

In the video, the actress plays a dark and mysterious love interest opposite Freemantle from the beginning of the clip in which the two can be seen chatting with each other while being separated by a window wall.

Featuring a dramatic scene in the rain, the film also provides the audience with stunning choreography by the Tony Award-winning choreographer taking place in a large studio space.

Tharp, 81, tells PEOPLE, "Working with Mark Seliger on his 'Ain't Over Me' was made possible by his profound understanding of and attachment to dance. He knows that to live is to dance and that getting from A to B is an action. Song and dance exist to tell the story."

"Ain't Over Me" is one of the songs appearing on Rusty Truck's upcoming album, which is slated to be released in February. In addition to Grammy winner Larry Campbell, the record will also include appearances from Sheryl Crow and Jakob Dylan.

"The songs are raw and vulnerable, grappling with longing, desire, and redemption through a series of intimate, character-driven vignettes, and Campbell's production and arrangements are rich and cinematic to match, blending old school country tradition with the lush, theatrical flare of a film score," a press release described the forthcoming album.