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Katie Holmes Brings Back Her Bangs

PEOPLE - Style
By Jillian Ruffo

Katie Holmes is the latest star to jump on the bang bandwagon, and just like many of the spontaneous fringe looks that have been gracing Hollywood’s famous foreheads this year (from Chrissy Teigen to Lea Michele to Karlie Kloss), she’s experimenting with a set of faux bangs.

Holmes appeared on Good Morning America sporting her new fringe, and instead of giving us a total throwback to 2014, it seems the star opted for a choppier, shaggy look to pair with her straight brunette strands.

Her hairstylist, DJ Quintero, tells PeopleStyle that it’s a look she’s “been wanting me to give her bangs for sometime now, and because of recent jobs has not been able to. So today I brought options. Sometimes you do crazy things at 6 am when you know you have a long day ahead.”

And Holmes isn’t a stranger to experimenting with fake bangs. At last year’s Met Gala, Holmes debuted a dark brown banged bob, which she later revealed was in fact a wig. And earlier this year, she shared a photo of herself wearing another banged bob on set.

But even though they’re not the real thing just yet, a real set may be on the horizon for the star. Quintero says that they’re “Just waiting for the right time to [cut them], today is our ‘trial run’, which seems to be going over very well.”

Want to try the look? Quintero recommends going faux, and starting with a pair that matches your hair exactly.

“Make sure they are real human hair (too shiny looks fake) and if you can get bangs that will go under your natural hair (“v” bangs at The HairShop are great!),” he says. “Try putting a texturizing spray like Alterna Haircare’s Caviar Perfect Texture Finishing Spray in the bangs to give your fringe a real hair texture.”

— Reporting by Jackie Fields