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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes: "I've Always Wanted to Be a Redhead, I Want to Know What That Feels Like"

Pop Sugar - Australia
By Justine Dunton-Rose

Katie Holmes is a natural beauty muse from way back (everyone wanted Joey's long brown hair in high school so bad). She's known for her locks, her amazing brows and that gorgeous lopsided smile that's totally infectious. We haven't seen too much of her on our screens lately, but when we were given this exclusive, candid interview ó and got to see her be completely herself . . . we just fell in love with her all over again!

The Hollywood beauty is the face of Alterna Haircare ó the first company to look at anti-ageing in the hair-space, you've probably heard of their cult Caviar CC Cream ó and it's one of the brands that launched with Sephora Australia. Katie is captivating, beautiful and a style icon (being friends with Zac Posen totally helps). See her chat candidly on video about her favourite holiday destination, the incredible female actresses she'd love to cast and the hair colour she'd love to try below. Then read on for our exclusive interview with the actress for her beauty secrets, the best advice she's ever been given, and what she thinks when she hears the word 'Australia'!

WATCH: Catching Up With Katie - Click Here

You've always had such lovely long hair, what do you love about your signature style?

"Long hair is my favourite. Itís easy to maintain, and itís so versatile when it comes to styling. If I want to keep it simple, I can just quickly put it in a ponytail or in a bun and go on my way!"

Is there anything you do in your diet/lifestyle to help keep your skin and hair healthy?

"Staying hydrated is really important, so I drink lots of water. Itís important to nourish your body with healthy foods. I try to be active every day. I love running, yoga and spinning."

Being a busy mum, what are your three beauty essentials?

- "Alterna Haircare Caviar CC Cream ($52, available in Sephora stores). This product is so versatile and provides TEN benefits, including frizz control, adds shine, light hold, etc., so it really saves a lot of steps when youíre getting ready in the morning.

- "Olay Regenerist Skin Renewal Cream Cleanser ($34.95) ó I remember growing up Olay being the brand that all the women I looked up to using; it reminds of timeless beauty. Also, the brand is based in my home state of Ohio, so I have a natural connection there.

- "Water. It seems simple, but staying hydrated is so, so important and makes such a difference in your skin! I always drink lots of water and exercise to help take care of my skin."

Have you got any beauty rules or mantras you try to stick to?

"Keep it simple and use high quality products."

Whatís the best beauty advice anyoneís ever given you?

"My mum, who is my number one beauty icon, taught me that real beauty comes from within. If youíre taking care of yourself, are confident, and are kind to other people, that is going to shine through."

What three things spring to mind when you hear ĎAustraliaí?

"Kangaroos, great accent and kind people!"

Whatís the craziest beauty trend youíve ever tried? Did you like it?

"I havenít tried anything too crazy, but I wore a wig to the Met Gala this year and we teased on Instagram that I was 'cutting' my hair. I had a good time with that!"

Whatís next for you?

"I just finished filming All We Had and Iíll be working on The Kennedys After Camelot soon. We also have some really exciting new innovations coming from Alterna, so itís a busy time!"