K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes Patents the Word “Buttercup” and 18 Related Phrases

Action might indicate a new seriousness about fashion and design on the part of the 30-year-old starlet


WASHINGTON D.C. -- Actress Katie Holmes has applied to trademark the word “buttercup” and 18 related phrases “as those words might apply to the clothing and apparel industry,” according to documents filed today with the U.S. Patent Office -- indicating that the sexy starlet she might be contemplating a plunge into the world of high fashion design in the very near future.

Holmes is currently starring in the well-received Broadway play “All My Sons,” co-starring John Lithgow, Dianne Weist and Patrick Wilson. She is the wife of well-known actor Tom Cruise.

Holmes recently signed a contract to become the face of fashion label Miu Miu. But she has long been known for designing and wearing her own clothing with the assistance of her hair stylist, and the filing of documents with the Patent Office would indicate that her interest in the fashion world has progressed far beyond the hobby phase.

Nationwide, few retailers are known to have immediate openings for major new clothing lines, and other stars might have first call on openings that do arise. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, for one, had designed a successful new line of clothing called “Bitten” for retailer Steve & Barry, which recently closed up shop. Parker is currently looking for a home for that line of clothing – potentially among major Brazilian and Japanese retailers.

But a “Buttercup” line designed by Holmes might have a different price point than the lines currently marketed by Parker and other stars.