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Suri’s Modeling Career Put On Ice! Katie Holmes Wants Her To Concentrate On Education First

By Jon Boon

She may be a little fashionista, but Suri Cruise won’t be doing any fashion modeling any time soon, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

A family insider has revealed that the adorable six-year-old’s mom, Katie Holmes, has been inundated with offers for her photogenic daughter to star in various ad campaigns.

However, the "Dawson's Creek" beauty has turned them all down because she wants her daughter to have a “normal” childhood and thinks she should concentrate on her education first!

“Suri may be one of the most photographed children on the planet but she won’t be doing her own photo shoots for fashion houses just yet,” the insider tells Radar.

“Katie wants her to concentrate on school before anything else. Something her parents drilled into her when she was young. They pushed Katie through Notre Dame Academy and Katie will be equally as hands-on with Suri.

“She just wants Suri to have as normal a childhood as possible. Katie is trying to keep her grounded and forget the celebrity lifestyle that she’s become accustomed to.

“In an ideal world, Katie doesn’t want Suri to follow in her footsteps into showbiz. She would prefer her daughter worked in law, like her father.

“Whatever she chooses to do when she’s older, Katie will support her. If she wants to model then, that’s fine.  But first, school is the priority,” the insider reveals.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, it appears Katie Holmes has done a sharp 180 when it comes to the subject of having more kids.

In an interview with Allure magazine, the 34-year-old actress said she is “open” to the idea of adding to her family — however, a family insider claims that towards the end of her marriage with Tom Cruise, the Katie was adamant that she did not want any more kids!

“In fact, around that same time, Katie was talking to her family about divorcing Tom — so having another baby with him would have been the last thing on her mind,” the insider said.