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Katie Holmes Doesn’t Like “Worrying About Gifts” At Christmas & Honestly, Hallelujah

If you’re feeling gifting fatigue, you’re not alone...

By Alexa Thompson

We’ve officially reached that time in mid-December when you’re almost really running out of time to get all of the holiday gifts on your list. Online delivery dates are precarious and you’re sort of wondering why we do all of this in the first place. Basically, if you’re feeling gifting fatigue, you’re not alone. Not only have we personally reached this particular level of stress, but actress, director, and producer Katie Holmes isn’t about it either.

Speaking with Romper at a holiday reading event hosted by Epic, a digital reading platform for kids, Holmes shares that while she’s “so [excited] to be able to celebrate with parties and people and do all of that again,” one thing she isn’t quite as thrilled about is gift giving.

“I like spending time with people way more than worrying about gifts and things,” Holmes tells Romper. “The arts and crafts and the good food… that's what I love doing during the holidays and just making it very creative.”

Those joining the festivities will likely include her 15-year-old daughter, Suri, as well as her immediate family. “I have a lot of nieces and nephews,” says Holmes. “And just seeing kids so excited about Christmas is the best.” And that should be what the holidays are all about, right? Enjoying our time with the people we love.

Between a mix of parties and intimate gatherings with family, Holmes is also excited to take in the magic that is Christmastime in New York City. “Christmas in New York is so fun, and ice skating and the smell of chestnuts, all of that. It's amazing,” Holmes enthusiastically shares.

And, of course, there’s no Christmas in the city without a visit to the infamous Rockefeller Christmas tree. “I love it. I love it,” Holmes says of visiting the 79-foot-tall tree, just...not during the lighting. “You just get caught in the sea and you're like, ‘Oh my gosh, How do we get out of here?’” New Yorkers, IYKYK.

But the ultimate way to embrace the cozy winter wonderland vibes? Curling up with a good book. Holmes is currently reading Unquiet by Linn Ulmann, Baggage by Alan Cumming (whom she just finished working on a film with), and the new Sally Rooney book, Beautiful World, Where Are You.

For a festive favorite, Holmes has loved The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore since she was kid, which she also read aloud at the Epic event to an adorable group of kids from Hit The Books organization.

But nevertheless, if you were looking for an excuse to give yourself a break when it comes to holiday shopping this year, this is it. Katie Holmes has reminded us that the holidays are about so much more. “I directed two films this year,” explains Holmes. “And so I'm excited to have a break and celebrate with my friends and family.”