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Katie Holmes Prepares To Leave Oz

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Katie Holmes is about to head back to the US after completing her latest film in Australia.

Katie's superstar husband Tom Cruise will fly into Melbourne by private jet this week after she completes work on "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark."

They will then fly out with daughter Suri, 3, and head back to Los Angeles.

A special party is expected to be held for Katie to be attended by co-stars Guy Pearce and nine-year-old Bailee Madison.

A spokesman for the horror movie said: "Katie's role is coming to an end. All the principal photography has been done. There are one or two loose ends to tie up and then the movie will be in post production for a year.

"The crew are planning to have several wrap parties and Katie is likely to attend at least one with her co stars."

Katie has been staying in the luxurious penthouse suite at the city's Crown Towers hotel during her stay. Tom has also been to Melbourne several times. The couple have explored the city with Suri, including going to the zoo and various theatre shows.