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Katie Holmes: ‘Being a Mom is Dreamy’


Katie Holmes loves being a mom — but admits it can be tiring!

The actress — who raises adorable daughter Suri, 4, with her her Hollywood heavyweight husband Tom Cruise – says motherhood keeps her on her toes.

“At this age you have to keep the activities up to keep them busy,” says Katie.

“Everything is the best part about being a mom. It’s dreamy. It is just the most wonderful time in my life. She’s so helpful and so loving. She loves to sing and dance. She’s just so beautiful.”

Katie also denied claims she and Tom are encouraging Suri to follow in her parents’ famous footsteps.

“What I want for her is to follow her heart and just be happy so I don’t mind what she does,” she said.

“Tom and I will always support and encourage her but it’s too early to even imagine what she might become. She does have great taste and loves dressing up so you never know – she may do something with that.”

Katie recently insisted Suri isn’t a spoiled brat.

“We travel a lot, and so for me, it’s keeping a daily schedule for Suri that never changes,” she said.

“We wake up, and we do the same thing. She does her chores. I think it’s very important.

“If she doesn’t get her chores done, I notice she’s not nearly herself.

“She has to make her bed, she has to take her dishes to the sink, she has to put her clothes in the laundry — you know, that basic stuff.

“I try to do what my mom did for me… just spending time with her, making doll clothes and planting in the garden.”