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History Releases Kennedys UK Premiere Date


US drama "The Kennedys" has been given a UK air date.

The highly-anticipated series, which stars Greg Kinnear as John F Kennedy and Katie Holmes as wife Jackie, will air on History on Thu 7 Apr, just a few days after its premiere in the States.

Saving Private Ryan actor Barry Pepper also stars as JFK's brother Robert, while acclaimed British actor Tom Wilkinson appears in the role of Joseph Kennedy Sr in the series, which follows the rise of one of America's most iconic politicians to his fateful drive through Dealey Plaza.

In the course of the four two-hour films, both the political crises and personal affairs of the family will be explored, with the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion and the World War III near-miss Cuban Missile Crisis unfolding alongside fraternal rivalries and mob links.

By reliving the public and private joys and tragedies of America's political royalty, including stories of narcotics usage and extra-marital flings, the drama has courted some controversy in America.

Tom Davidson, managing director of AETN UK said: "Securing the UK premiere of "The Kennedys" is a major coup for the History channel. Bringing to life the story of America’s most iconic family, the drama is a bold and epic account of the Kennedy dynasty and we are delighted that viewers in the UK will get to see it on History first."