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Air New Zealand's bizarre new safety video

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It starts out well, with actors Cuba Gooding Jr and Katie Holmes - supposedly the creators of the world - calling New Zealand the "most beautiful place on earth".

We're taken on a journey across the regions, with swooping views of Wellington's Makara Wind Farm, Cathedral Cove and Mt Taranaki.

But it's when you see the giant kea, or massive flowers blossoming under the water it all becomes a little strange.

Air New Zealand's new safety video, "A fantastical journey" is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and is therefore meant to be a little bizarre ... but what does skiing down a pavlova actually say about New Zealand?

We get that it's a clever reference to the "national dessert" but why not actually showcase some of the best slopes the South Island has to offer?

The new video, which will show on all flights from today, also features a giant woman cycling across Auckland's Harbour Bridge. Yes, it shows the sparkling Waitemata Harbour, but you can't actually cycle across the bridge (yet).

But maybe we're being too serious. Holmes said she loved working on the "creative, magical and funny" video, while Gooding Jr said he always enjoyed the videos which "make you laugh, smile and pay a little bit more attention."

Air New Zealand general manager of global brand and content marketing Jodi Williams says they have "taken a different approach creatively with our latest safety video" and the special effects are meant to take travellers on a "magical tour of the country".

Will it make the list of best and worst safety videos? One thing's for sure, you'll be humming that Gin Wigmore tune all through the flight.