K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Cruising for publicity?

Tom and Katie lead paparazzi on merry chases, but seem to delight in all the attention daughter Suri gets

Chicago Sun-Times
by Bill Zwecker

While backstage spies at rehearsals for Katie Holmes' Broadway debut give the actress high marks for her acting, there's quite the buzz about Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cruise's relationship with the New York media.

''A lot of people find it strange how they clearly love the limelight but then go to such extremes to protect their privacy,'' said a longtime Broadway star watcher. "They seem to be fascinated by all of Suri's [magazine] covers -- which I find a bit weird and disturbing. Yet they have Katie look-alike surrogates running around -- even good enough to fool the press into making false Katie restaurant or shopping sightings in the columns."

While TomKat and their daughter have made themselves plenty visible on the streets of the Big Apple, occasionally they do employ diversionary tactics when wanting to escape the paparazzi. Reportedly, multiple SUVs will head out from their Manhattan digs -- with the decoy cars sometimes leading the tabloid shutterbugs on fake routes, while the car carrying the Cruises slips away.

• As for Holmes' rehearsals in ''All My Sons'' at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, a key member of the show's staff says, ''Katie is terrific, and as prepared as any actress I've worked with. She knows her lines and is totally professional ... absolutely no complaints.''

• Meanwhile, a close Cruise observer in L.A. says keeping Suri in all those gorgeous outfits ''costs a small fortune."

"I'll bet they spend more on Suri's clothes than a lot of stars spend on themselves,'' said the source, indicating the bills for the 2-year-old's wardrobe ''run into the thousands monthly.''