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Do-It-Yourself: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes adds one more role to her résumé: designer! She and celeb stylist Jeanne Yang whip a shirtdress into red-carpet shape.

Teen Vogue
by Jane Keltner de Valle

Shirt tales Katie Holmes and stylist Jeanne Yang with model Dani, who wears their customized shirtdress.

As an actress, mom to best-dressed tot Suri, and Mrs. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes wears many hats. The latest one she's trying on for size? Fashion designer. With her stylist Jeanne Yang, she recently launched Holmes & Yang, a line of luxe "utilitarian classics that can be dressed up or down," Yang says. "We wanted pieces that could become part of a woman's uniform," she adds, citing the shirtdress as a prime example. "Switch the shoes or jewelry and you totally change the look." Unlike some celebrity lines, this one couldn't be closer to home for Holmes. The design studio is in her house, and her and Yang's children often do arts and crafts projects in there with their moms. "We want to make things that get handed down from generation to generation, like a Chanel jacket," Yang says. "Hopefully, when our kids get older, we can give the pieces to them." Looks like Suri's fetish for fashion won't be abating anytime soon.