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Kate Winslet loses out on Finding Neverland musical to Katie Holmes

The Telegraph - UK
By Richard Eden

Kate Winslet's critically acclaimed performance in "Finding Neverland" might have earned her an Oscar nomination, but it has not led to the actress being offered a part in a new stage adaptation. Mandrake hears that the role of Sylvia Llewelyn Davies in a musical version of "Finding Neverland" has instead been offered to Katie Holmes, the 30-year-old American wife of Tom Cruise.

Miss Holmes has won plaudits for her performance in "All My Sons," by Arthur Miller, in which she made her debut on Broadway.

Katie has been taking part in a workshop in New York for the musical, which centres on Sylvia's relationship with J M Barrie, whom she inspired to write "Peter Pan." The show, which is expected to be given a Broadway run later this year, will feature Christian Borle, an American stage actor, as Barrie. He was portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 2004 film, in which Miss Winslet played Sylvia.

Winslet's spokesman confirms that she will not be appearing in the musical, but is eager to assert that the musicial would pose no difficulties for the 35-year-old actress. "I have heard she has a good voice," says the spokesman. "In fact, she can sing. She sang in the film "Romance & Cigarettes"." Indeed, Kate, who plays a former Nazi concentration camp guard in her latest film, "The Reader," released a single, "What If?," in 2001, which reached number six in the chart.