K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes: ‘I have it in me to be a rebel’

Tempo - Phillippines
By Janet Nepales

Los Angeles – Blooming in a Comte-Contour sweater and a Michael Kors skirt, Katie Holmes, 34, talked to us at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, the first time after her highly publicized divorce two years ago from Tom Cruise.

Katie, who appears as Jonas’ (Brenton Thwaites) unnamed mother in the Phillip Noyce-helmed science fiction “The Giver,” appeared to be very relaxed during our interview with her.

Also starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård and Taylor Swift, the movie, which is based on the Lois Lowry novel of the same title and is set in the future, is about a 12-year-old boy, Jonas, who is selected to be the Receiver of Memory by The Giver (Jeff).

Asked who has been the giver or the mentor in her life, and if she feels that she has become a giver to her eight-year-old daughter Suri, Katie replied, “I would have to say that my sisters really inform a lot of who I am. I feel very, very lucky that they are my sisters and they are there for me.

“As for me being a giver or a mentor to Suri, I think that as a mother, I do feel a responsibility to impart some of the things that I have learned. It is also important as a parent to remember that this person is a gift and they are meant to inform you of some things that you may have forgotten along the way. So I try not to impose too much of my own experiences. But I try to listen more than talk.”

We told the Manhattan-based actress that she seems to be in a wonderful place in her life now.

So how does she keep herself together and balanced, we asked. “I just feel very lucky,” she pointed out, “because I have had a lot of interesting projects that I have gotten to work on recently. If I start to be stressed, I list out all the good things and then I calm down.

“I do yoga, too. I don’t meditate yet, because I am like, ‘Do I have five minutes?’ I do, but I have to take time.”

So what’s her relationship with words, and are there any that she would or wouldn’t let Suri use, we asked. “I prohibit the obvious words. I explain to her that these are the bad words. I try to speak with some level of vocabulary that is of high level, and I try to set an example. But it is always a daily struggle,” she said.

As for using the love word a lot, Katie said, “Oh yeah. That is important.”

Does she have it in herself to be a rebel?

“Yeah,” she answered. “It’s a wonderful gift to be an artist and an actor and we are people who are always in search of inspiration, newness and discovering new stories. So yes, I think I have it in myself to be a rebel, absolutely. I always have to go back to travel. That is what it is. It’s travel, travel, travel.”