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Katie Holmes's first fashion love: lingerie

The Advocate -Australia

In the August edition of US magazine InStyle, actress and designer Katie Holmes reveals her fashion favourites and her pet hates.

At the top of the list: lingerie. Nice underwear gets the day off to a great start, says Holmes.

"They make you feel special when you put them on in the morning," she told InStyle. "Even when I was a little girl I loved my 'days of the week' pairs. I love the hot pink ones, that makes my day!"

What doesn't do it for Holmes is yellow. "Certain colours don't work for me; yellow isn't my friend."

Neither is the Margaret Thatcher look. Holmes says, "I don't like big, pouffy sleeves. And some dresses, like if it has a big bow and skirt, are too old-ladyish on me. If I can wear it when I'm 80, I'm going to wait."

Age-appropriate and figure-flattering are the basis of her casual but well-groomed style. "I'm not afraid to try a new designer or do something trendy, but it has to look right on my body," Holmes asserts.

The star's own upscale label Holmes & Yang, available at Barneys New York and Harvey Nichols in London, featured hot pink prominently in the latest collection.

Created in collaboration with her stylist Jeanne Yang, Holmes's foray into fashion concentrates on classical designs producing "certain pieces that you can just depend on," as Holmes described it to New York magazine. "When life gets really busy you don't want to have to think about what it is you're going to wear," Holmes elaborated.

In practice, that means a collection of wardrobe staples like pencil skirts, soft jackets and drapey trousers - in solid colours and a lot of black.

The Holmes & Yang project arose from Holmes's love of sewing and a desire to cater to time-poor working mums - such as herself.

But given the prices - basic items starting around $1000 and well over $2000 for a dress - her clothing is likely to be out of range for women who actually need to work for a living.

In defence of the label's high-end price tags, the designing duo cited the words: Made in the USA. "100 per cent of our line is produced here in the States ... we're Americans, and we want people to realise this, and so our price points - you know we don't have the best margins but it doesn't matter for us," Yang told New York magazine. While Holmes backed her up, "It's more important that it's made in the USA."

Holmes & Yang is in its second season at Barneys but remains a small label. As yet, there are no plans to introduce a lingerie line.